Staying Healthy with Health Insurance

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Did you ever think – why do I need health insurance? When you are young, you may consider this question usually due to the fact that you don’t use your health insurance as much. You might also consider this question when your finances are limited. Let me spend some time sharing why you need health …

Health Insurance Open Enrollment is Around the Corner – Are you Ready?

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Written by Maria Pippidis, Extension Educator in Family Financial Management, University of Delaware Cooperative Extension You know Health insurance is important. You also know it can be expensive. Purchasing health insurance based on premium alone can be a mistake; especially if you have health concerns. You want to be able to access the care you …

Mental Health Insurance Benefits

With the recent passing of World Mental Health Day, which is particularly notable this year as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shape our lives, October is a good time for a refresher on the mental health benefits you are entitled to through your health insurance policy.