Staying Healthy with Health Insurance

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Did you ever think – why do I need health insurance? When you are young, you may consider this question usually due to the fact that you don’t use your health insurance as much. You might also consider this question when your finances are limited. Let me spend some time sharing why you need health …

Signs of Distress – The Winter Blues

As I wrote this blog, the east coast of the United States was hit with a major snowstorm. The room that I work in has several windows and I can see the trees and bushes move back and forth, while the wind howls over the top of the house. This is also the time of …

Coping is Not a Race

Mental health gained a huge amount of attention this year. As quickly as news spread about the pandemic, social scientists began predicting a spike in mental health needs. This was helpful in that it reduced the stigma of having public discussions on coping with mental health issues.

Make Time for Meditation 

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With stress and isolation affecting many of us, our mental health can be impacted. *Special guest post by FCS Extension intern River Philbert, Class of 2020, Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland.