Bag It and Eat It: Ice Cream Activi-treats

Summer and ice cream just go together.  But, taking the family out for this sweet treat can be costly!  How about making your own with the kids?  It’s easier than you might think, makes for a fun activity, and saves money over going out. No appliances are needed. 

Do I Need a Different Insurance Plan?

Health insurance can be confusing. We are often asked in a short period of time to commit to a plan for an entire year. It helps to start thinking about your current plan and future needs early to be prepared to make those changes during the open enrollment window. 

Financial Literacy Month

As you may or may not be aware, April is Financial Literacy Month. Increasing financial literacy is important as many of us live paycheck to paycheck, don’t have an emergency fund, and haven’t thought about setting aside money for retirement. Throughout April webinars were available on a variety of topics. In addition to my regularly …

Save Some Green

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s talk about some ways we can save some green!  Photo by Anna Shvets on Before I jump into my money-saving tips, I do want to mention one caveat. Many people are dealing with significant financial struggles at the moment and while the tips in this post might …