Everyday Contaminants Affecting Water Quality

Consider the multitude of chemicals that we use daily – beauty products, cleaners, cosmetics, over the counter and prescription drugs, fire retardants, food packaging, flame-retardants, hormones, nutraceuticals, pesticides, petroleum products, sunscreens, and stain repellents and numerous others. What happens to all these chemicals when they are washed down household drains or breakdown in municipal waste …

A Family Routine for Your Child’s Well-Being

Research suggests that children may gain security and positive well-being out of the spontaneous moments of being together. Those moments can happen during ordinary, daily routines such as doing chores together. Family routines are an important part of coping with challenging situations.

Bottled or Tap

In today’s more health conscious society, we know we should stay hydrated and aim for drinking at least eight 12-ounce glasses per day, but have you ever stopped to think  what type of water you should be drinking? Is tap better than bottled?