Planning Your Finances for an Uncertain Future

Coronavirus has changed many people’s financial circumstances quickly. A loss of income can put your services, or even your home in jeopardy, but companies are working with customers right now to help ensure their well-being.  Here we offer a few steps you can take if your income has decreased suddenly.  

Coronavirus Scams Targeting Older Americans

Scammers are taking advantage of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to con and scam people into giving up their money. During this time, people 65 and older aren’t interacting with as many friends, neighbors, or senior service providers due to efforts to slow the spread of Covid-19, making it harder to prevent scams.

Senior Citizen Scams

While consumers of all ages should be on guard against scams, research shows that seniors are particularly vulnerable to fraud because of changes in the brain, which make it harder for them to detect suspicious body language and other warning signs that someone might be untrustworthy.  Other possible factors that make them more vulnerable are …

Stay On Top Of Your Spending With A Little Organization

To stay financially healthy, you should spend less than you earn. But what if you cannot afford to pay all of your bills and living expenses? Maybe balancing personal priorities and family expectations can be a challenge for you. Maybe your work is seasonal or irregular, so you can cover expenses when you’re working, but …

Someone Stole Your Personal Information. Now what?

If someone stole your identity would you know what to do?  We’ve previously posted about protecting your identity after data breaches, but there are other ways for thieves to steal your personal and financial information, both in-person and online. Once identity thieves get your information, they can use it to make purchases, open credit cards, …