Giving Gifts with Health in Mind

The holiday season can be a wonderful time of year! We get to see family and friends, celebrate traditions, and for many, give gifts. If you are someone who gives gifts during the holiday season, there can be pressure around finding that special something. If you need some creative ideas, consider finding gifts to support the health of friends and family this holiday season! 

Before I lose you right off the bat, I don’t necessarily mean giving people a basket of vegetables, a set of free weights, or a gym membership (unless they really want those things). Instead, I mean thinking about their interests. Then, asking yourself if there are any gifts you could give to help them have fun engaging in those interests in a way that supports their overall health and wellbeing. 

So what does that look like in practice? It could involve thinking outside the box and giving someone an experience. There are so many creative experiences out there to give as gifts like a walking tour of a museum, a tour of a local winery or distillery, or a creative experience like painting or making pottery. A few years ago, my Christmas gift from my sister was a day in Washington DC that included a walking tour of the National Portrait Gallery. It was a great way to experience the museum as an art novice who wouldn’t have known what I was looking at if the guide hadn’t been there! 

Another option is to consider gifts that help someone build a skill they have or would like to develop. Learning a new skill can be a wonderful experience that helps someone expand their horizons and build their confidence. But, the equipment needed, classes, or other resources can be things that people aren’t willing to buy for themselves. These could be things like subscriptions to apps or services that help people learn a language or online classes that teach people skills for photography, art, or even creative engineering. For my birthday, my mom once got me a cooking class. I was able to go to a commercial kitchen and learn how to bake bread from a trained chef. The class was wonderful and I have continued to build on those skills and bake different types of new breads whenever I get the chance. 

There are definitely other things that people might want or need this holiday season. So, this might not be an option for every person and that is ok! What I really want to do is to encourage people to think differently about the holiday season.  If you know that your friends or family members are attempting a health behavior change, get creative and see if you can find a gift that supports them in that journey! 

Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season from all of us here at Breathing Room! 

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