Discover a Day on the Farm

Where our food comes from can be just as important as what food we are putting into our bodies. Knowing where your food was grown can help you make informed decisions about freshness, nutrition, and quality, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Learning how your food is grown, raised, and brought to market and to your table provides a critical understanding of agricultural systems and the people who work to provide that food.

University of Maryland Extension agricultural agent Racheal Slattery is striving to educate the public on the importance of farm families and understanding food production by offering a virtual tour of a working dairy farm through her Day on the Farm program. 

The public is invited to follow the farm owners, on-farm experts like the herd veterinarian and nutritionist, and UME experts, through a guided tour that demonstrates the birthing and growth cycle of calves to cows, the milking process, animal nutrition and care, and other farming topics like equipment and conservation.

The first Day on the Farm tour introduces the DeBaugh family from Washington County, Md and their fifth generation dairy farm. A virtual map and guided stops takes the public through a video tour of their dairy farm, explaining farm management, facilities, animal husbandry, and punctuated by helpful 4-H youth who explain difficult scientific terms and concepts.

To learn more about where your food comes from, take the tour at

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