National Insurance Awareness

Monday, June 28, 2021 is National Insurance Awareness Day. Insurance comes in many forms for our health, our cars, our homes and property, even our lives.

Insurance tends to be one of those things that we don’t think about until we need it, but knowing what your insurance covers and being aware of when and how you can use it is important.

Health insurance can be some of the most confusing for individuals and families to understand. In 2012, University of Maryland Extension and University of Delaware Cooperative Extension collaborated to launch the Health Insurance Literacy Initiative (HILI). HILI has produced evidence-based, empowerment programs intended to reduce confusion, increase capability, and increase the confidence of consumers to make a smart choice and use decisions about health insurance. HILI teaches folks how their insurance can work for them, helps people make good choices about their health insurance needs, and use their benefits wisely.

Take time this month to review your current insurance benefits, research different types of plans, and decide if you are using the right plan for your healthy lifestyle. Learn more and find more helpful tools at

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