Happy Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so families should consider ways they can stay healthy during the holidays. Here are some tips to consider when preparing Thanksgiving dinner:

The Main Dish: Roasting a turkey is by far the healthiest way to reduce sodium and fat.

  • Avoid salt-based seasonings.
  • Use fresh or dried herbs and spices to decrease sodium and add flavor.
  • Reduce eating too much fat by avoiding eating the skin of the turkey.

 Try these quick and easy Herb Roasted Turkey recipes this Thanksgiving!

Side Dishes: Vegetables and fruit are incredibly important to our everyday health. Make half of your plate filled with delicious fruits and vegetables. There are many ways to prepare vegetables that can go well with a Thanksgiving meal. Check out my favorite recipes:

Try using Maryland’s Best to find local produce and meats for your meals this holiday and every night of the week.

Drinks: Reduce your consumption of sugary drinks. Enjoy your favorite cider or soda if you wish, but to help limit the extra calories you consume it may be best to drink more water. Water can also help you feel full to prevent you from going back for seconds.

Desserts: Staying healthy this Thanksgiving does not mean that you have to give up having dessert. It can be our favorite part of the meal! Here are some sweet and savory recipes you can enjoy to end the Thanksgiving celebration with:

Physical Activity: Try a family walk through your neighborhood or at a park to burn calories. Remember to wear your mask. Think of fun family games to get you moving. Family football games can be a great way to work off the meal.

Food safety tips

Remember to always wash your hands before cooking and clean all surfaces.

Always wash your hand before and after touching raw poultry, meat, eggs or seafood, and its packaging.

For more tips, checkout our previous post on food safety for preparing a turkey for the family.

COVID-19 & Holiday Resources: Talk to your household and non-household family members to determine whether an in-person or virtual holiday celebration is a shared risk at this point in time. Here are some resources that give some ways to approach a COVID-Holiday season from the CDC and STAT News. This year will be different due to COVID-19, so it may be best to avoid Black Friday shopping this year.

Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe!

Special guest post contributed by Jae’La Reese, FCS Intern and senior in the School of Public Health

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