There’s a Filter For That

Water makes up at least 60% of our bodies and it is essential for our organs to function properly. Therefore, it makes sense to drink quality water free of harmful contaminants. Where do we start?

There are numerous types of water filters and filtration systems for homes. Some filters are installed where you get your drinking water, or point of use (POU) and can be fit on the faucet or under the sink. Other filters treat the entire home water supply, or point of entry (POE), such as a water softener.

It is important to remember that since filters can be expensive, depending on type and size, only purchase what you need based on your test results. Also, all filtration requires maintenance! Be sure to change filters and follow the recommended maintenance. Filters that are not changed can actually reduce water flow, and not take out the contaminants they are intended to.  

 Yes, there is a solution to drinking water quality. Being informed and the proper use and care of filtration are essential! 

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