October is Reading and Financial Literacy Month in Maryland!

This year, Governor Hogan has declared October as Reading and Financial Literacy Month in Maryland.

Image from rawpixel.com

This is a wonderful opportunity to get youth off on the right (write) foot with financial literacy.  The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection prepared all of the resources you need.  The initiative titled, Money as You Grow Bookshelf, contains a list of books for children and resource guides for parents and caregivers. The Resource Guide shares 9 ways to make reading fun for children.  They are:

  1. Read the book yourself.
  2. Ask questions as you read.
  3. Choose a regular story time.
  4. Find a cozy, quiet place to read.
  5. Make sure the children can see the pictures.
  6. Read with expression in your voice.
  7. Keep the story time short.
  8. Look for ways to talk about the story.
  9. Continue to read aloud together.

There are also free materials you can order to reinforce your reading such as bookmarks, posters, and stickers.  Parents – The Resource Guide is available here.

Parents – There are resources out there for you as well!  MoneySmart by the FDIC has a computer based curriculum that covers the basis of financial literacy.  The curriculum is set up similar to Monopoly in that you work your way through a game board.  Topics included in the adult course include banking, borrowing, spending, and saving.  For more information click here.

To wrap it up, let me share some other good resources that I use for both adults and children.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland – Great Minds Think – A New Guide to Money

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – Building Wealth

Rutgers Extension – Personal Finance

For more information on financial literacy and programs offered by us, check out the University of Maryland Extension – Money page.


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